Swimming in white water rapids

at Kultaankoski™

A memorable and thrilling experience

In hot summer months when the water is warm, we have quite an experience for you—swimming in white water rapids. Those who have tried it know that it is not something you will forget easily! At Kultala, you swim at a spot that has a flat rock under it and the water is at a thigh-level. With guide’s help, it will be like a water slide—only better.

Trip schedule

  • Those brave enough can find out what water boogie is
    Try your hand at board surfing through the waves and the bursts of the rapid
  • Price
  • Included in the price are
    Equipment (wetsuit if needed, safety jackets and helmets), boards, campfire coffee, swimming in the rapids for about half to one hour, depending on the group’s wishes
  • For additional price
    Sauna and meal at Koskitila in Kultaa after the swim

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