Catering and cottage

in Kultaa at Koskitila


Food menu



Unpretentious and truly delicious food

Throughout the years, we’ve received numeral compliments for our food. It is both delicious and homey. While we do offer some catering services, primarily our food is enjoyed by our own guests at Koskitila. Our buffet tables are always bursting with food.



Kultala (sleeps 5) is a 49m2 cottage in Kotka and it is perfect for fishing as well as berry picking. It comes with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen corner, toilet, shower and sauna. Located on the shore of Kymijoki river, amidst its green plains, it is a perfect stop for canoeists!

The cottage is away from the main road and it is surrounded by gorgeous nature. With it being right on the edge of a private area, it has no neighbours for a couple hundred meters. On the nearby beach there is a nice barbecue shelter for communal use. The area is filled with mushrooms and berries, ready to be picked.

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